Friday, 15 June 2012

Yes, minor miracles can still happen in this day and age...

  Finally I have conceded defeat in my resistance to the Modern Age, and have given up my Amish stance toward technology and social media. As of last night I have joined both Blogger and Twitter. (Don’t get too excited - Facebook is still not happening. A girl has limits.)
 Yes, I know, I am at least half a century behind every single other person I have ever known, but here I am. Please curb your urge to poke your fingers at me and say “I told you so. It was only a matter of time. Resistance is futile.” Trust me, it will make you look worse than it does me. Ignorance can be overcome. Smugness, not so much...
 So to an audience of... oh, that would be None, I will now henceforth merrily ramble and rant, rather than spend my time on the housework- a task already sidelined by my writing.
 Which now that I mention it, sounds like a decent trade.
Anyone else up for shirking, procrastinating and general distraction?


  1. Hello, Pernille! Now, you're honoured, not because my arriving here is anything fabulous for you (which I'm sure it isn't) but because this is the first time for a long time that I've hopped over to read anyone's blog!

    You've taken the second hardest step - starting. The hardest is to write the next three or four posts even while feeling that no one is reading them. Just do it!

    As to whether you'll see me back here - most unlikely because I'm supposed to be cutting back on all forms of procrastination as I suddenly have writing projects - yes, actual writing! - stacking up. But I thought I'd say hello, since you caught my eye on twitter.

    Good luck and, most of all, enjoy!

    1. Nicola, you are offically my hero of the week. Had begun the think venturing into both Twitter and Blogger at the same time was a daft thing to do, but you are making it better. First followers and now my very first comment.
      As you might have seen I am already messing up on Twitter ( is the reply key the same as a DM, which i know i should not use for thank yous?), but having Tweet Right permanently open on the ipad to refer to is proving essential. Not sure how people manage without.

      All the best with the stack of writing, i'll follow how you are getting on on your blog.
      Thanks for popping by!

  2. I don't think anyone can procrastinate as much as me - so you may have some serious competition on your hands.
    Hello and welcome. Don't be put off by a few false starts when you get started - how assumptious of me to think others also have false starts...
    And look out for my comments - if made on a Friday night *hic* they are usually riddled with spelling mistakes *hic* and twaddle....
    Now where did I put my wine..? *hic*

    1. Thanks for looking in, Nicola. Always a a pleasure to meet others who observe a Friday Happy Hour. My spawn don't get to go to clubs on a Friday if it involves picking up after five. After five is MY time.
      Have decided to think of my bodges and blunders as "learning points". But everyone has been exceedingly accomodating so far.
      Maybe everyone is on the wine..

  3. Hello Pernille

    What a marvellous name for a writer!

    Having been where you are now vis-à-vis Twitter (& social networking in general) I empathise. And like your attitude - smugness will get 'em nowhere!

    I'm not a blogspot woman - Live Journal was my first love & in spite of flirtations with both blogspot & Wordpress, I went back to LJ. Not so 'out there' & less public than the others but it works for me. I have a marvellous circle of women writer friends there.

    My main journal is

    I wish you every good fortune with your writing; I'll bookmark your blog & try to keep up. Supporting one another as writers is important, not least when we are older than most.

    And don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed by Twitter; it's only social networking. After a misguided dalliance with Faceache (sorry - book) a few years ago I ran away & rediscovered my life!

    *DM is Direct Message & used for personal messages you'd rather keep that way & for letting people know email addresses,that sort of thing. The reply button is for public tweets.

    Throw away the instructions & play - it's far more fun!

    Kind regards

    1. I am @carollovekin from Twitter

    2. Lovely to hear from you Carol, I enjoyed your Live Journal. I'll be back to visit again soon.

  4. Your background is so pretty! Looking forward to reading your rants.

    1. Like you don't already get to suffer them direct ;)