Tuesday, 2 July 2013


The Sunlounger anthology launched early this weekend, but officially yesterday and has already taken the number one slot on Kindle for Women's Fiction Short Stories (admittedly I don't know how big the competition is here, but it sounds good, and it keeps dipping over the top 1000 marker for all paid-for e-books on Amazon UK. There are already reviews too. So if you'd like to see the link it is here, for the UK, and here for the US.

Yesterday I pottered into London to help hand out promo postcards to unsuspecting women with some of the authors, judges, family and friends. We were later joined at Salvador e Amanda by the editor, agent and art director and stylist. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming to the newbie (me). I'd had a few white Sangrias, and prattled non-stop to all of them, as is my usual M.O when vaguely inebriated. 

For a decent photo of the whole group -although I have my eyes shut and look like a muppet- head over to the Belinda Jones Travel Club page on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, the pics I took were somewhat lacking in artistic merit.

The Sunlounger authors in the room were Belinda Jones, Anna-Lou Weatherly, Carrie Duffy, Lucy Lord, Molly Hopkins, Ilana Fox, Rosie Blake, Wendy Rigg, Emily O'Neill, Holly Martin and ...me!

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