Thursday, 30 October 2014

Good Luck, you nutters!

 I usually write a post about the lunacy that is NaNoWriMo. It has become a small annual event for me, even though I do not partake. Writing a Novel in a Month is just not a viable reality for me. And normally I spout about that, at about this point in the year.

This year though, things are a little different. Because this year I can't sit here typing that I wouldn't be able to get 50k words down in a month. And how do I know this? See this smug look here? Here on my smug face? That's there because in June, I did indeed write over 50k words in a single month. I have a badge from to verify it, so do not roll your pretty eyes in disbelief at me.

Having an outline made the difference for me, along with a word-count goal. I said 10k a week, with the aim to have that done Monday-Friday which gave me the weekend to make up any shortfall or carry on, if I needed and wanted to. Normally this made it 2k words a day, but it was fluid, which helped. Fluid is good, I have found. Fluid equals less stress. And setting a timer for two batches of 45 minutes was key too. (45 minutes feels less draconian than an hour, to my deluded mind.) No checking t'internet in the timed slot made things way more focused and productive. Who'd have thought?!
 As things took off, I wrote more than the quota, which put me over the 50k mark in the month. 

So why am I not doing it again in November with all the NaNoists of the planet? Because November is not the month for me. Aside from it not even being a 31 day month, there are too many things going on. What I am trying to write will be more that 50k, so it'll pull closer and closer to Christmas, and if November is bad, then December is a nightmare for writing. And I'll want to get this sucker finished. In fact I started my current project at the beginning of this month, with the aim of finishing at the end of November.  So I'm having two months to do it, I guess. 

Maybe this just means I cannot play with the other kids. Really I think it just means it isn't my timing.  But what I can definitely say for NaNoWriMo this year is: 

Good Luck and Go to it, I know you can do it. (You Nutters...) 

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