Wednesday, 17 June 2015


That thing!!
 That thing where you have been really enjoying a book: the plot, the lyrical prose, the cute dialogue. All of it.
 And then the writer knackers it in the last page and a half. Really, the last page and half.

Mentioning no names, because spoliers, the plot is split between two main characters 50%/50%.
One has their story wrapped up with due attention and bliss. The other, who we are rooting for at least as much, gets their's wrapped up, in one paragraph, yes ONE paragraph. Not even in their own right, but seen through the eyes of the other MC.
They deserved soooo much more than that. 
Where was the editor, to say "Whoa there, NO." ?
Left me speechless and unable to pick up another book for a couple of days. 

That. Just needed to share my disappointment. Thank you.

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