Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I have time to read again!!!

The blogging has been very thin on the ground this first half of the year, and it was already thin on the ground before that. I had to stop the TBR piles and Gut reactions, because it all got too much. I was busy trying to fill my head with things, so I could cough out a new first draft. Which I did in 9 weeks. Hurrah!

 And now it is mulling and I am ignoring it while it mulls and I shall fill my little head with other people's writings. I have just thrashed Amazon and stuffed my kindle.

 These are some of the titles that are on there. Sonya Lalli's The Arrangement releases on the 10th of August, so that'll  be added then.

You'll have to excuse the deranged layout of this post, but I genuinely seem to have no control over how my pictures turn up. I was hoping to do some kind of slick montage thing, but had forgotten that I have no technical ability whatsoever.


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