Wednesday, 23 May 2018

GDPR - Data protection thing that I need you to read (please and thank you)

So, we have a change of data protection regulations going on here in the EU, starting two days from now on Friday May 25th 2018.
I have tried to get info from Blogger about where I stand on this, and have received ZERO help. Not a peep either from the forum, or via Twitter (Boo Hiss Blogger - have you seen the non-compliance fines? They are scary huge!!!)
As far as I can glean from the ICO registration self-assessment survey, as I'm not selling anything here and as I'm not processing/passing your details on to others, I believe I'm compliant.

  However, I do know that people sign up for things and might like to change their mind over time. I know this as my inbox has been filled to busting with these emails over the last weeks. I'm also aware that for those who are Followers here and those who have signed up to follow via the email widget, your email addresses are logged with me, and as such I have a duty of care.

I want to let you know that I take your data very seriously and have never and would never pass it onto, swap or sell it to others.
I have no plans at all to use this page for selling, there's my Amazon pages and Facebook page for that. (Let's face it, non-technical wizz that I am, I highly doubt I have the skills to make this page a selling tool.)
Here is purely for waffling, sharing what I'm up to and self-woohooing.

But, to be safe, and in light of being not having £20m to spend on fines and the ZERO help from Blogger  - did I mention that already?- I'm thinking the safest and fairest thing to do is wipe the slate clean. I'm going to delete the Follow list and the email list tomorrow (Thursday 24th May) night at 8pm GMT and then cross all my fingers that you might re-sign up when you have time or think of it, after the 25th May.

As an incentive, I should have a new thing to show you on Monday 28th May. Oooo, the exciting! (Pleeeease sign back up.)

 If not, then no hard feelings - thanks for popping by in the last almost six years. It's been lovely having you.

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