Tuesday, 14 August 2018

It's out!!

So my debut came out 10 days ago! I can properly call myself an author!!
 It happened while I was on holiday, but I still spent the day looking at the magnificent weather out of the window, as I fielded many many tweets and facebook messages.  OH brought me cake for breakfast and I got flowers from my agent, which was delightful. 
 (I also spent the three days ahead of publication setting up a pretty website, only to find at the last minute that Squarespace wouldn't let me have my mailchimp email catcher unless I have a business account. Duh. Must do better research...)
  And now the reviews start. So far so good, the majority are lovely and so so heartwarming. Readers seem to be reacting to the characters just as I'd intended and hoped. Of course there are some not so heartwarming ones, (one that even decided to drop me a star between their Netgalley review and the amazon copy. ouch...) but it can't please all people and that is fine. (Although why the one reviewer kept reading when she hated it by chapter three I have no idea. Life is too short.)
 If you read it, please please leave me a review at your e-seller of choice, and if you have time please mark the other reviews as useful or not, as this also changes their position of what other viewers see. It is all helpful. 
  But mostly, if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. xx

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