Thursday, 15 November 2012

Twitter - because Life's distractions aren't enough...

So at the same time as starting the blog here, in fact the same day, I joined Twitter, because I'm allegedly from a binge culture, and so I need things as intense as possible.

 And indeed it was. My head was in a spin for a few days, having until then had fairly Amish habits.

But now, three months (and a bit) have passed and these are my thoughts on the mighty Twitter.

1)      I have never come across (or at least never appreciated) anything so aptly named. It genuinely feels like opening a window and hearing constant and frenzied chirping, from all sides. That bit still knocks my socks off.

2)       I love the fact that I can tailor my noise pool. Mine is currently made up of; writers, agents, publishers, comedians, and the few friends I know who also Tweet.

3)      I’m still getting used to the fact that you can tweet a person you have never met before, and especially if they are known faces.  At first I was worried about intruding, and wanted to start with a proper British “sorry to intrude...” I’m still not proficient and I doubt I’ll ever be prolific,  partly as I don’t have an i-phone, but also because I don’t want to just say things for the sake of it, and I can’t stand too much self promotion.

4)      Which brings me onto ditching people. I have Unfollowed several who just sang their own praises constantly – as in bombardment – or were just peddling their wares. But I do feel guilty about it. It is like telling someone that you don’t want to be friends with them anymore, only not actually telling them, just secretly sliding away... 

5)      I need to be discerning with Follow-backs. This is now a pre-empter to 4). I now read profiles before I hit the Follow button. The guilt is shorter-lived, and saves me the bombardment.

6)      I enjoy following agents and their industry banter. (However, for the ones who have my MS in, I can’t help myself from thinking that they should Tweet a little less and focus on their work... Self -absorbed? Moi?)

7)      There are clearly some very lovely, warm and supportive people out there. They are generous and willing to overlook buffoonery.

8)      Last but not least, I know now how Twitter can devour my time and attention, even as just a Lurker, but that it is all too late. I’m fairly addicted. 

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