Tuesday, 1 December 2015

*Cue sleighbells* My Winter '15 TBR Pile

'Tis the season to be reading, fal a la la lah, la la la lahhhhh.
Mmmm, I think Winter was designed for books, along with sofas, woodburners, slippers and hot drinks, preferably mulled wine. (Yes, mulled wine, even into February. Get the 
ready-made bottled stuff. Easy peasy and they discount it in January. Win!)

The pile looks like this;

Being Billy by Phil Earle (YA)
Saving Daisy by Phil Earle (YA)
A kiss in the dark by Cat Clarke (YA)
If you find me by Emily Murdoch (YA)
How to build a girl by Caitlin Moran (YA)
All the bright places by Jennifer Niven (YA)
Running on the Cracks by Julia Donaldson (YA)
The Manifesto on how to be interesting by Holly Bourne (YA)
Christmas at Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop by Jenny Colgan (Women’s Fiction)

It isn’t the biggest of piles, but then maybe, if I have been good this year, I might get a book from Father Christmas, or Julemanden as he is known in our house. (Look at that, a little Danish lesson there; pronounce it yoola-manen, impress your friends with your polyglot talents).

I cannot deny that it is YA heavy. Heavier than a heavy thing in fact, being almost exclusively YA, but I just finished the first revisions on the Women’s Fiction story I have been working on this year, and I had dire cravings for YA that just needed succumbing to. There is a male writer in there though and one of the books has been hanging around on my shelf for a while, so that rule has been met too. The winter-obligatory seasonal book is accounted for, care of the brilliant Jenny Colgan. Bring on the mulled wine and mince pies for that one.

What are you reading this season? Which books have you wished for? (I will assume you have been good this year.)

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