Thursday, 26 January 2017

Wrap your ears around this, writers

  I’ve got into podcasts recently. Mainly comedy and the one I’m going to rave about here. I listen to them when I’m ironing, in the bath or when I’m driving to collect the kids. (Not with the kids- some of the comedy podcasts are filthy.)

 The Bestseller Experiment is the one I want to put you onto if you have any interest in writing. Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux are aiming to write, edit, publish and market a bestseller in a year, podcasting about it each week with guests to help them along with advice. What’s more the guests are excellent; editors, writers, agents (mine!), bestsellers- both indie and traditional. The writers are top names; Maria Semple, Joanne Harris, Michael Connelly, Joe Abercrombie, Bryan Cranston and Shannon Meyer, Michelle Paver to name a few. Sarah Pinborough this last week was brilliant.

 They cover all sorts of ground which all writers, who have any aspirations to be published in whatever form, will find gold dust. And there are competitions!! Winnable prizes, like Bryan Cranston's tighty whities and signed books. Seriously, what's not to like?
 I’m thinking most of us don’t sit and listen to the wireless like they used to do – for me it’s generally music in the background,- but if you look at the way your time works, I’ll bet there'll be an hour where you can listen to this, even if you have to split it in parts. The commute? A run? The school run? Walking the dog? A bath? During the washing up? It’s definitely helping me through the ironing and I feel lots better when the hour has done double duty.
  For the duration of the Experiment, there is a free e-book available with all the nuggets of wisdom the guests have brought to the show.
Go seek this podcast - there is treasure to be found!

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