Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Reading Fail

  Am totally failing on the TBR pile at the moment. Just checked and I have 6 1/2 Christmas-themed books looking at me most unimpressed with my efforts...


  1. Maybe forget the Christmas themed ones & move on?
    Always nice to catch up with you, Pernille. I'm feeling pretty chipper as my second book has been accepted! Working on Book 3 & still slightly bemused I made it as a writer after all! Have a great 2017- here's to a year filled with books! xXx

    1. Ahh Lovely Carol, I am sooo pleased for you and book 2. Great news. Well done. Don't be bemused - you've worked hard, and everyone has different timings - I'm sure it's for a reason.
      Think you might be right on the leaving the Chrissy books for next year.
      Have a fab and word-filled year X