Tuesday, 21 August 2012

YA Poll anyone?

Aside from blasting through my book pile at the moment, I’m also getting time to browse through a load of blogs that I haven’t been able to give proper attention. Or perhaps haven’t dared, as they can be so engrossing and swallow writing time with some supernatural appetite. (Yes, some would call it self-induced procrastination, but personally I believe otherworldly forces are afoot...) And as we all know, one website or blog leads easily to another. Damn those links...!
And so, I came across this recent NPR poll for the Top 100 YA books. I don’t intend to analyse and dissect it here, as polls are so dependent on who filled them in, and perhaps more importantly, who was invited to fill them in and where, but I did enjoy going through it and seeing how many of them I had read. Not that many as it turned out, but then again YA is such a vast genre with so many sub-genres, not all of which I'd choose. (Zombie Dystopia? Nooooo thanks...) There were also various books that I thought would have, should have, been on there over others.
But more importantly, there are books in the list that are now on my list to look up, and that is the value of a poll, I think; flagging up things that you might have missed, or otherwise not been aware of.
 If you have any interest in YA fiction, take a read...   

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