Thursday, 30 August 2012

Amazonian Fiction

I've been introduced to a new form of fiction.  A tweet informed me that BIC, as in the biro people, have developed and launched a new pen – A pen for Women. Apparently we need our own special ladypens. Who knew?!  This was a revelation to me, and perhaps the fact that I have been using manpens all this time explains why I don’t have a shelf-full of my published novels.
But the best thing is that Amazon, which is selling these amazing and revolutionary devices, has been inundated with reviews. They are just priceless - the reviews not the ladypens. And they keep coming, with more reviews appearing while you read the ones that are there already.

Which surely means that Amazon reviews have now become their own fiction format, with each being its own little vignette or snapshot of a supposed life. How often do new formats come along?
 Have a look, have a laugh.  Am off to buy me some ladypens...

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