Wednesday, 8 August 2012

On The Road

I had seriously underestimated the sporadicness (sporadity? Go with it for a moment, please.  My brain has wound down somewhat. And my thesaurus, which yes I have brought with me, isn't helping.) of posting currently. But then I had also seriously overestimated the broadband capabilities of the computer I am writing from. The system here appears to be based on two small overwrought mice running around in a wheel.  I get approximately three screen changes per day and then they are spent. Which brings me back to the pen and paper yet again...

Getting here involved a 15 hour road trip. That could of course sound very romantic and exciting, but really being traped in a MPV with the kids, who invariably get bored after 20 minutes isn't quite a Kerouac adventure. But what does do it for me on these road trips, is that they give my mind time to wander, which always throws up ideas for stories, or loosens the knots that have surfaced in plots.

In my experience, driving is great for writing, for shifting a writers block and connecting some dots, and so I always have the note book right at hand. And if I'm the one driving, I'll dictate key words to whoever is my wingman.  So in spite of the cooped-up nature of the drive, I do still look forward to them.

 I just have to work out how to simulate that, without leaving the house. Any suggestions?

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