Friday, 7 September 2012

Goodbyes and Hellos

Sadly this week brought the end to a favourite blog of mine, Nicola Morgan's Help ! I need a publisher blog, which is a priceless source of information for aspiring authors.  I’ve blogged about her before. Nicola is concentrating on her children's writing and I wish her all the best. In the meantime, for those who missed the blog while active, it is still in existence; a treasure trove of top advice, with some crabbit dos and don'ts. Nicola does not pussyfoot around, so expect some straight talking. Which is as it should be.

As one blog site moves on, I discovered a new one yesterday which is now a new addition in my procrastination blog roll. It is Letters of Note, where letters, both famous and personal, are shared. Some are smart, some witty and some heartbreaking. I'm still in my phase of seeking out epistolary novels, so this site feels like a happy sideline.
I know some people still write proper letters - you know who you are, readthisandweep- and that is a wonderful thing, because getting a proper written letter – not the ones wanting help with that bank account in Nigeria - is a fabulous thing. But oh what a rare thing too. 
Not long ago my best friend lent me back the pile of letters I sent her while we were at our respective universities. There were so many, all full of nonsense and trivialities, but lively nonetheless. I just don't know where I got the time to write them. Maybe I didn't go out for the three years? Maybe the social life I thought I had was a myth...
Am off to find photographic proof that I did have a life at Uni. But then I must have done, as I wrote about it to her in the letters, didn't I? And then maybe I'll write her a letter, a real one, just to surprise her.

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