Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stats and Conclusions

It is September and thus officially Autumn. I posted a while ago about my Summer TBR pile and I guess now is the right time to look back and assess it.
 Let’s have some stats shall we, so that I can feel all scientific. I'm even adding a pie chart as it feels appropriate (not that it relates to my stats, but it does relate to my recent holiday and future aspirations...)
The Results;
Books in the pile - 12

Books finished - 9 and 1 I’m still using for research.
Books abandoned- 1 , although I should have abandoned another, and 1 is still lurking, just started, on my bedside table, having been leapfrogged by a cheeky YA outside-runner since I got home. It might remain there for a while. 
Books where I skipped pages, skimming to get to the end - 1.
But I also snuck in/was distracted by 3 ebooks that I hadn’t accounted for in my original pile, because
a) I hadn’t found them yet and
b) ebooks don’t photograph so well.
So, for the record, they were Melissa Marr’s Fairytales and Nightmares, Tasha Harrington's Package Deal, and Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster.
And what can we conclude from that? Well it was a joy to submerge myself in books for a while, storming through some that have been calling me for ages, including a few that were the next instalments of some series I follow (Holly Black's Curse Workers and Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series.)
 The grown up books were where I faltered. Badly. And I am ashamed. Yes I am. I am a grown up, I even studied literature at Uni, but I failed with the Classics in my pile. They bored me, pure and simple. I am feeling bad about this, and I must try harder. But I think the conclusion is clear that my heart lies firmly with YA fiction, and that I don't feel bad about. At all.
At the very least, I have cleared a chunk of my ever increasing pile (Addicted? Moi?), even if I failed on a few of them. Now I need to start looking at The Winter TBR list. Any recommendations?

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