Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Submissions Bonanza

In case any writers have been hiding in a dark room recently and haven’t seen these, then there are two submissions opportunities about to open up. Firstly Miss Snark’s First Victim is gearing up for her annual Bakers Dozen Auction, where 60 selected 250-word entries are placed under the hammer. Agents bid  for 24 hours on how many pages they would like to see.
The submissions start on the 30th October however, there are optional critiquing rounds, starting this Monday (24th) in the lead up. The auction will go live on December 4th, but check out the details of the various stages over on the website (link to the right), so that you can be on time.

It was also announced last week that Harper Collins, who usually never cast their eye at anything that hasn’t be passed their way by an agent, are having a two week submissions window  from October 1st to 14th.  

The aim is to acquire UK, US and Australian rights to their favourites, in the hope of publishing an e-book per month. If that is of interest to you, i.e. you don’t fancy e-publishing yourself, then the full details are available over at Harper Voyager. They’ll also reserve the right to publish the books in physical form. Am hoping there’s a decent deal for the author in there too...

Good luck if you go for it, and for the hard work getting the manuscripts ready. Let me know if you get anywhere!

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