Tuesday, 31 July 2012

V for Victory and other words

Caitlin Moran's fabulously funny book How to be a Woman, has gone in at Number 8 on the NYT Bestsellers list: Hurrah! Not only that, but she also said the word Vagina on the Today Show. She is just The Cool! (I once got the word "Boobs" printed in The Sunday Times. Seriously there is a thrill to such things...)

 HTBAW is a must read for anyone who a) has a vagina about their person, and b) has a pulse. Moran writes in a way that makes me deeply jealous, expressing sentiments in words that make me blush and swoon at the same time.

For anyone who doesn't know of Caitlin Moran, then there is an article on her and the book here.

And look at that, she got me to write the V word twice. In public! It is obviously catching...

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