Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A writing tool moment.

I already mentioned in an earlier post that I use 750words.com to have some form of discipline to my writing, because I am demand-orientated - and also like the badges I get for writing a lot, or fast, or for days in a row.  Easily pleased? Yes. Generally happy? Consequently yes.

This is another of my writing tools; My Tiara. Now someone once thought that tiaras were only for watching Strictly Come Dancing, but no, no, au contraire. A Tiara is for Life, not just ballroom dancing...

It might just look like a second-hand plastic tiara stolen from a daughter's dressing up box, but it is soooo much more than that. Can't you tell??  Mine helps me write.  The words flow better, and they might just be better words too. (Turns out it even helps with a hangover – and not just as a visual warning for family to steer clear.)

I first discovered the magical powers of the tiara when working at a children's TV company. Once in a blue moon, I'd answer the phones for a lunchtime, when there was a personnel shortage. There was a tiara on a display behind me and momentarily distracted, I put it on. It was one of the most peaceful hours the phone had ever known. Don't tell me you can’t see the connection.  At the end of the hour, the owner of the company (the creator of Teletubbies- so someone who knows about success...) arrived in  reception and we chatted. At no point did she even mention the tiara, which naturally I took to be a stamp of approval. The display tiara never left my office after that.

So, I'm encouraging everyone to get one and for anyone who had one to match their wedding dress, to dig theirs out and get some value out of it. (The cost-per-use ratio will thank you for it too.) It just makes you feel a little special and life smoother. Cleaning doesn’t feel nearly as awful when you are wearing a tiara. FACT. And the postman gets used to seeing you wearing it pretty fast.

 Make one, buy one, steal one, you won't be sorry.

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