Thursday, 25 October 2012

Book Crush!

It is time to accept that you are crushing on a book when;

  •  you have a deep-seated  need to own a copy, when you are only a quarter of the way in. A printed copy.
  • you actually have to remind yourself that it is wrong in every way to not return a library book. As in Never...
  •  you have a dopey grin on your face while reading it.
  •  you laugh out loud while reading it, or keep murmuring “Mmmmm”.
  • you start rewarding menial household tasks with  five minutes of book
  • you sneak in a chapter when you absolutely haven't got time to
  • every Priority on your to-do list suddenly looks over-exaggerated
  • you wish that you had written it. (I know Jealousy and Envy are bad bad emotions. But still... )
  • you have a building angst- one that is beginning to impinge on your breathing- in fear that the ending could disappoint. Please don’t , please don’t, pleeeeeeaase.....
  • you blog about a book before you have finished it.

Did I miss any?

*For anyone watching this on "Dave", then this post was originally written while I was reading Cath Crowley's Graffiti Moon.*

1 comment:

  1. No, you didn't miss any! *Grin* Maybe, thank goodness for this book while I recover from evil influenza & without it I might give up?

    As I only do print books & love my library I particularly relate to your second point. I would never steal a library book but have lost count of the times I've finished one & immediately set out in search of my own copy. Thank goodness for second-hand bookshops & Amazon.

    As for wishing I'd written some of them - with some books, a paragraph would suffice. I would die a happy woman if I'd penned a single sentence to rival Virginia Woolf, for instance. It isn't envy - it's simple admiration.

    My favourites authors' inspire me - I enjoy the tangents their scenes, & sometimes, a single word present. And as a writer I appreciate the lessons I learn from reading good books.

    I rarely blog about books & have given up reviewing, in particular if the author is known to me. It's unkind to be mean about a book you may not like & it is only my opinion. Who really cares? Reviewing isn't my forte in any case - I'm quite good at describing an overall emotion or response to a book & will occasionally comment in that vein.

    Nice post - thank you - recovering from 'flu means I'm not yet ready to work again. Brain wants to - body says no. Reading about writing & books is keeping me sane!