Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Go Go Nano!

 Just wanted to say a huge Good Luck to all the nutters writers out there who are embarking on NaNoWriMo tomorrow. 

 I won't be joining you, as I am a wuss with that kind of word quota for 30 days in a row, plus I won't be near the computer everyday. Half term holidays and weekends rather get in the way, I find. (Yes, I know, blaming it on the kids. Again.) So it is NONOWriMo, for me, but those who can, and do, - you have my full admiration. Go to it!

And here is my NaNo top tip - (as if I am any kind of authority) - loosely linked to my last post; 

1.Go out get yourself some of your favourite chocolates or sweets.  
2.Viciously guard them from everyone else in your household. Or simply hide them somewhere ludicrously cunning. 
3. When you hit your word count for the day, immediately scoff one. 

There, what more incentive do you need?

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