Monday, 29 October 2012

Rejection Chocolates

As a writer and aspiring author I send some of my work out on submission. You have to be in it to win it, right? Sometimes the writing gets picked up and printed, and sometimes it doesn't. Nobody likes rejection, but if you want to play the game, you have to accept it and hopefully, if there are notes with the rejection, learn by it. At least you are doing it, because if you never submitted or posted your work in the ether, then you can’t be discovered. If you won't take my word for it, then Nathan Bransford covers it well here.

Here is how I take the sting off.  These are Tom’s Mini Skildpadder, from Denmark; dark chocolate turtles filled with rum flavoured fondant goo. The Yum. And they are all mine. No-one else in the house gets to so much as sniff at them. Everything I tell my kids about sharing goes out of the window when it comes to these. Only when I get a rejection email am I allowed to eat one. As the old adage goes; There are times when only chocolate will do. And much as the rejection might make me miserable for a day, being able to stuff one of these in my gob always makes things a tiny bit better. (I’m sure there is a link to a Mary Poppins song here, but I am going to pass...)


  1. Pernille, may I be nosy and ask if you are in the Baker's Dozen by any chance? If you are (or if you're not!) I think I've picked your entry. I'm a lurker. I enjoy your writing and it was your blog that helped me discover MSFV. Thanking you.

    1. ooh, so now I am completely intrigued! No it isn't me - I just lurk over there - but which entry is it that you think is mine?
      MSFV is a fab site. Glad to spread the word.
      Can I be nosy back, and ask how you find your way to here?
      You are always welcome to lurk and thanks for commenting this time!

  2. I liked a comment you made on Nicola Morgan's blog a long while back - and loved your name! - so flipped over to your blog. I was hoping your MSFV entry would be #46 middle grade about an orphan girl in Dickensian London. It's lovely. I think it'll get bids. You SHOULD have written it.

    1. I just spotted that my reply to your reply never took. I wasn't ignoring you honest! On the day I said;Thanks for coming back.
      Wish it was me that wrote it now, but Stylistically I think it might be more like number 57, the Margaret Ethel one. Or maybe I just liked that one alot and I'm flattering myself.
      Hope "I" win now, though. :)

      Did you do something last night? After your comment posted my blog views jumped from 5 to 25. Considering I have all of 4 members, and the tops I get is 14ish views a day, I think something has happened somewhere in cyber space. My crit partner denies everything, and. Most of my random traffic comes through her.

      pernille is probably the most common danish girls name of the 1970s! thanks though.

      Are you on twitter?
      I'll follow if you let me know your twitter name.


  3. Oh dear, have been putting Twitter off but will let you know. Re your blog views....maybe someone's following me? Maybe I'm famous and I don't even know it. Hey, this is freaky. Poor Margaret Ethel didn't even get one bid I don't think.

    1. What's your blog address Elizabeth? I'll pop over some time.