Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Doing it.

Happy New Year!

I’m not really a fan of resolutions as, for me, they generally fall by the wayside within a month or two, but I do try to set a goal for the year with regard to the writing.

 Last year the plan was to get out there more.

 So I did the twitter thing. And this blog. Both of these things are huge advances for an Amish girl like me. Plus I started sending out my YA MS. I seem to recall agreeing to Lovely Crit Partner’s suggestion that we each write and e-publish something short. The very idea had me running screaming in my head, and I guess that might just be why I never quite got around to it....

 And what about 2013?

 Ideally it is going to more of the same, expanding my writing horizon and also working up an idea I really want to get my teeth into. There’s also an MG story which I’d like to see the light of day this year, so that needs revising. Again. Not to mention more of the Flash Fiction. And there are loads of books to savour. Not just the ones that are due to be published, but also the ones that have already found their way into my home, pesky things.

So it truly feels that there is shed-loads to be done, and having just embarked on a January Challenge with Lovely Crit Partner, I’m trying to tap the very most of the New Year energy. I’m hoping to have a new short story/outline written by the end of the month.

But at the very least, for 2013, I want to feel that I am doing it; making it happen. Because only I can do that for myself, and if I don’t make the effort, it is never going to happen, no matter how much I desperately want it to. Please remind me of that when I blog about not wanting to do the work and being blocked and frustrated with the whole process.

Anyone else got any plans?

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