Thursday, 10 January 2013

It's OK.

 We all have authors whose books we love to read and authors, perhaps the same, where we especially admire their style of writing and turn of phrase. I have two in particular, possibly three since last year, who write in a lyrical and often profound way that I will never, ever, be able to emulate.

 I don't say this in a defeatist way, more as a sense of awareness about my own style. I think my style suits the stories I am trying to tell.  For a while though it stifled me, after all, if I can't write in the same awesome way that they do, then what is the point?

 But then I considered other books, in various genres and some were, IMHO, in the same realms as my writing league and whats more, they were published.  I remembered that there are hundreds of styles, tones and view points, all different yet all valid.  I will never write highbrow literary fiction and equally I won't write the deep ethereal stories either. And here is the thing; That is OK. 

For every different writer there is,  there is also a reader with different tastes too. I can write for some of them. And having identified other writers who write similar words to those that I write,  and seen that a publisher has liked their work, then theoretically, one day, a publisher could like mine too. 

I write because I love it and I need to, and if my words are good- and I can combine them with a cracking story, then they are valid. They'll still be different to those of my heroes but valid none the less and in with a chance.  

That's what I believe, because if not, then really what would be the point?

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