Friday, 18 January 2013

Get out!

So as I watch the snow falling in the garden and the forecasts have virtually promised that I will be snowed in with the kids for the weekend (It’s OK, I have stocked the drinks cabinet. Care packages should hopefully not need airdropping in...), I was thinking about the value of getting out more.

It seems easy to hole up when working on a story. Writing during school hours necessitates making the most of the time I have, and so staying house-bound is pretty much the constant.

 However, last weekend DH and I ran away to Venice. It was cold, fairly quiet (accordion players in gondolas passing our window aside) and utterly brilliant. We walked for nearly three days solid, (with the exception of stopping in many bars – including with one of you!- for numerous Aperol Spritzes,) following Jonglez’s Secret Venice guide, which I recommend to everyone.

 And my head has come back buzzing with ideas, not necessarily about Venice – although some are- but just from having been out and about and seeing things that aren’t part of my daily view.

I think I’d forgotten how good a change of scene can be for the creative juices. I’d allowed the “need to stay at home to get the writing done” to eclipse the “need to look and see”. So that is perhaps another plan for this year; to go more places and take more photos.

And in the meantime, I’ll watch the change of scene outside the window. Perhaps I’ll be writing more snow scenes in the near future. Either that or imprisonment plots...

(PS; Two further Venice recommendations
Giardinetto, on Lido, just off the Vaporetto dock, to the left of the little church. Fabulous hospitality, in spite of us scoffing nearly all their crisps and being loud. Thank you!
 Cantina Do Mori,   429 San Polo (seriously, you'll only find it by following house numbers - but that's like an adventure, right?)   Ancient and tiny bar, full of character.  The bar that time forgot.)

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  1. Change and travel is a must for a writer and yay for Italy, cheap prosecco and a bit of rowdiness.