Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hooking up...

I’ve mentioned my Lovely Crit Partner many times here and how much I get from having one, whether in critiquing/feedback or general support (aka butt kicking). We discuss all sorts, from potential titles, plot thread alternatives, acceptable words for genitalia in books, to the novels we love and genres we hate. We cover plenty of ground as you can see...

 She’s right over there in the members list looking like Hello Kitty. For all I know this is exactly what she looks like, as she lives a continent away and we have never met. In person that is. Writing wise, we met via a “Critique Partner Love Match” over on Maggie Stiefvater’s website nearly two years ago and we have been trading pages, gripes and experiences ever since.

 And while it is nice to sit and get all nostalgic and fuzzy about my LCP, the point of this entry is to flag up that on Monday there is another such hook-up event, but over on Miss Snark’s First Victim’s site. 100 entrants will have the opportunity to put their details up for others to consider a match. I’m getting all misty just thinking about it.

 If you haven’t got a critique partner I can only recommend one and urge you to either enter, or peruse the entrants and suggest a trade if some appeal. There is no obligation to continue after the initial swap; sometimes you just don’t gel – and that is fine.  Just give back the same amount of work as you get and no one should get upset.

Go on – you’ve absolutely nothing to lose. 
I dare you.....

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