Wednesday, 23 January 2013


How are the resolutions going everyone?

 I’ve been looking more at the “getting out there” plans, specifically considering conferences and forums.

On the conferences front, for the UK it seems that the main two are the SCBWI at Winchester, or York Festival of Writing. I don’t think attending both is an option for me. Is there anyone out there who has been to both and can tell us the pros and cons of each? Or have I missed a better one?

For the writing forums, the two I have come across are Authonomy run by Harper Collins and YouWriteOn which is affiliated to Random House and Orion.

Essentially they appear to be on-line writers groups linked to publishing houses. I believe the gist is that you post your writing, gaining you feedback and possibly a ranking according to how many people read them. Eventually you might make it to the top slots, where the publishers will take a peak.  Has anyone got experience of either, or again a better one? I’m guessing that this is a route which consciously cuts out the agent-seeking stage? I’m not sure that this is a route I want to take, but I’d appreciate any thoughts on it.

Yes, I need help (generally) but you know how it is; if you are going to use the time (and cash) on these things, you want to get the best one first time around, right?

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