Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

Amy disappears on her 5th wedding anniversary. The signs of a struggle mean that the police are immediately on the case and soon their attention falls on husband Nick. So far, so every crime series on TV. However, in Gone Girl, the viewpoint is primarily Nick's, who of course protests his innocence, and we follow his increasing dismay and panic as the evidence continues to pile up against him.
This book had my stomach in knots. Not only is it a gripping thriller, but it is also a chilling portrait of a deteriorating relationship.  Not that I don't find decaying marriages deeply depressing (Blue Valentine anyone?) but Gone Girl was engrossing. And my God does it bite you on the bum. This is not so much the Seven-year Itch, but the Seven-year Ire.
And to top it all it’s also a very good looking book, or at least my copy was; hardback, black matt cover, with yellow text and black page edges. It just looked The Business; A proper book that can aesthetically compete with all the e-readers on the train...
This is a novel you could pass onto your partner as soon as you have finished reading it, and I think many a marriage/partnership could be the better for it – if nothing less from the fear...

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