Monday, 23 July 2012

Strange happenings & writerly guilt.

Can I draw your attention to the top left-hand corner of this photograph, taken this morning. It shows a phenomenon that has been happening here for the last two days. I have looked it up on Wiki, and by all definitions it is apparently referred to in scientific circles, as Blue Sky. Not unlike the Northern Lights in other regions, here in the UK this spectacle is very rare. In fact, records  show that Blue Sky, of this cloudless variety, has not been sighted or reported since Easter.
Now I understand that in some parts of the world, this is as common as a common thing, but for we on this constantly rained-on isle, Clear Blue Sky, is now something we take pictures of, to show our grandchildren. We are used to 100 shades of grey and 50 types of wet.
So suddenly we are all wearing our favourite summer clothes, mainly through paranoia that the moment will be fleeting. We are standing in direct sunlight in order to get our hit of Vitamin D for the year, and hopefully not look so very very pasty. Fair is fine, but pasty- that washed out, drained and sallow complexion – no.  Pasty is not a good look on anyone. I do believe that is an established fact underwritten by Vogue
The only downside is that Clear Blue Sky is not conducive to sitting indoors, in front of the computer, writing. Hence I’ve decided the only answer is to ditch the keyboard and divert to some plotting and planning, which I can legitimately do under that there Blue Sky.  I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty. I will not...


  1. Absolutely! Planning is essential & the perfect 'sitting under the blue sky' activity. Our sky (in Wales) has gone a bit 50 shades this past half hour...

    I blame all those people cracking open the barbecues.

    I bought a summer frock today. Fortunately it is the sort that can be worn in winter too - layered with other stuff & look good with boots.

    And a coat. And a hat & scarf... ;)

    1. Ohh there is nothing like a new summer frock to make you feel good, is there?
      Plus it sounds as if yours is very versatile, which makes it an Investment.
      Good Work!